Brand Identity & Packaging

Baos is a newly founded company convinced that there is a different way of making cosmetics -of making soap- respecting the environment while, at the same time, showcasing a visual and contemporary identity.

Far from following a minimalistic style and putting the spotlight on the bubbly property of Baos soap, the graphic identity is the result of a fun concept based on the idea of enjoying the bath as a ludic activity. The visual system includes colours to distinguish between the ranges and also a verbal identity to highlight this bubbly property in a wit and jokey way.

Year: 2018

Soap animation 1/13
Soap animation 2/13
Soap animation 3/13
Hand soap 4/13
Hand soap 5/13
Bubble levels 6/13
Bubble levels 7/13
Bubble levels 8/13
Bubble levels 9/13
Bath Gel 10/13
Bath Gel 11/13
Bath Gel 12/13
Bath Gel 13/13
Baos Soap